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About Us


Welcome to Tattoosh – where vibrant art meets the festival spirit!

Since 2007, we've been sprinkling colour and smiles across festivals all around the UK with our dazzling airbrush tattoos and face painting.


Our Journey

It all started in Cardiff's city centre, where we offered skin-safe body decorations to local shoppers and tourists. We had so much fun engaging with people and decided to embark on a new adventure and hit the festival circuit. Our passion for creativity grew, as did the desire to add a touch of magic to the festival experience. Over the years, we've evolved into a cherished part of the festival landscape, bringing a dash of whimsy to every event we attend.


What Sets Us Apart


At Tattoosh, we pride ourselves on creating more than just temporary body art; we craft memories (and great profile pics, too!). Our team of skilled artists will help you find the perfect design that will embrace your individuality.

Why Choose Us


With over 15 years of experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to every stroke of air.

We use only the finest, skin-safe inks to ensure your airbrush tattoos and face paint looks amazing and feels great. Keeping up with the latest trends in the world of real tattoos, we continuously evolve our offerings and add to our design selection. We have hundred of designs to choose from!

Whichever you chose, your tattoo is one thing you won't regret in the morning: 

because, as we always say—better fake than sorry!

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